The science behind our success

CROP: (Cultivation, Regenesis, and Optimization Protocols), Is an integrated model of growing hemp for high CBD content and quality. C.R.O.P. was developed by Dr. Mirza during his research using hemp as a model for Best Management Practices when growing cannabis.

The cultivation aspects are developed from determining the most suitable hemp varieties, site specific soil analyses for nutrients, heavy metals, and herbicides which may negatively affect quality, proper cloning methods, and calculated pre-incorporation of nutrients.

Regenesis aspects involve maintaining proper nutrient amounts and ratios to steer the crops into an optimal flowering/bud state, rather than a prolonged vegetative state. It also standardizes cloning protocols, the use of feminized seed when required, maintaining optimal soil fertility, and water/irrigation management.

Optimization aspects focus on monitoring the crops throughout the season for nutritional deficiencies, disease, or insect infestations. Having standardized protocols and SOP’s in place to overcome any negative factors. Harvesting and drying procedures are also standardized to insure the risk for molds is reduced or eliminated.

The C.R.O.P model has been successfully utilized by the wonderful team of dedicated staff at our Maine Alvera Farm. Its value has been reflected in the quality and quantity of distillate extracted, containing high CBD content, a wide range of terpenes and other highly desired marker compounds.