Alvera Inc. is a vertically integrated company operating with a “seed to sale” philosophy. Producing organic farm bill compliant hemp, utilizing Dr. Mirza’s “C.R.O.P.” methodology, for the extraction of premium CBD and desired cannabinoids. With our premium extractions and utilizing our proprietary patented technologies, we are developing high quality retail products for the international health and wellness, beauty, and beverage markets. Our compliant organic approach to produce the highest quality hemp and extractions has positioned us for success in the evolving hemp derived cannabinoid market. 



Product and brand development

Utilizing our superior quality cannabinoids and patented proprietary technologies, from agent enhancers to “True Water” cannabinoid solubility, we are developing cutting edge products for various retail markets.

Providing White and Private labeled products manufactured to the highest quality standards, to help you build and develop your own CBD product lines and brands.  

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